Kinsta Free Hosting for Your Static Sites

Kinsta’s Dynamic Offer: Free Hosting for Your Static Sites

Los Angeles | October 24, 2023 | SEOLosAngeles – In the realm of cloud hosting, Kinsta emerges as a distinguished provider, delivering top-tier services for applications, databases, and WordPress hosting to an extensive clientele, exceeding 26,500 businesses. In a remarkable stride, Kinsta has introduced a complimentary platform for Static Site Hosting, revolutionizing the possibilities for developers. This dynamic offering enables developers to construct and deploy swift, secure static websites across an extensive network of edge servers dispersed globally.

Enterprises are now granted the capability to deploy up to 100 sites on this innovative static site platform. This endeavor is reinforced by the robust and high-performing global edge network of Cloudflare, a substantial gigabyte of storage, and a substantial monthly bandwidth allocation of 100 gigabytes – all presented as a complimentary service.

Kinsta extends its support to customers, enabling them to launch their projects seamlessly from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. This support encompasses popular static site generators, custom domain names, SSL certificates, and an API for site management.

The addition of Static Site Hosting augments Kinsta’s already esteemed suite of hosting services. The Application Hosting service equips Kinsta patrons with the capacity to execute their applications utilizing a spectrum of widely embraced programming languages and frameworks. This includes Node.js, PHP, Python, Go, Ruby, Java, and Scala, allowing for deployment in a remarkably straightforward three-step process. Meanwhile, Kinsta’s Database Hosting presents high-performance internal connections alongside multiple backup alternatives.

For those vested in WordPress, Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting persists as a beacon of excellence, guaranteeing exceptional speed, integrated edge caching, and around-the-clock support, characteristics woven into every plan.

Kinsta’s all-encompassing approach caters to agency owners and freelance developers alike, offering the convenience of hosting all their websites and applications under a single roof. This liberates precious time, empowering them to channel their focus towards nurturing their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Of note, Kinsta recently achieved SOC 2 compliance, substantiating its commitment to safeguarding customer data through rigorous cybersecurity standards. This compliance certifies the highest levels of data protection for all who entrust their information to Kinsta.

Kinsta’s infrastructure stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to facilitating rapid project deployment. By placing the responsibility of server optimization and DevOps services in the capable hands of Kinsta’s engineers, developers can dedicate themselves entirely to their craft.

Adam Tamics, Tech Lead at Kinsta, expresses his enthusiasm, “I’m exceedingly thrilled to expand our repertoire of services with the introduction of Static Site Hosting. It opens new avenues in the market, offering a valuable resource to our clientele who seek a secure, expeditious, and cost-effective solution for hosting their static assets.

Kristof Dombi, Head of Development Architecture, echoes this sentiment, “Our Static Site Hosting encompasses a generous complimentary tier that we believe will be of great value to developers engaged in crafting landing pages, documentation websites, or single-page applications. We eagerly invite them to explore this offering and provide us with their valuable feedback.

The integration of seamless deployment, edge hosting characterized by unparalleled velocity, and an ironclad commitment to security solidifies Kinsta’s Static Site Hosting as the ultimate choice for developers and teams of varying dimensions, entrusted with the deployment and management of captivating web-based projects.

About Kinsta:

Kinsta is a dynamic cloud hosting provider with a primary focus on expertly managing WordPress hosting. With over a decade of experience under its belt, the company has climbed to the position of being the second-largest provider of managed WordPress hosting in the industry. What sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to customer support and their ability to consistently deliver outstanding website performance for their clients.

At present, Kinsta caters to a remarkable 26,500 clients and is the driving force behind more than 100,000 live web projects, varying in size and scope. This remarkable clientele demonstrates that individuals, bloggers, and major corporations alike place their trust in Kinsta for their hosting requirements.

Kinsta’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction shines through in their stellar reputation. They have accumulated an impressive 400+ five-star reviews on Trustpilot, a well-regarded platform for customer feedback. What’s more, they’ve been recognized and awarded for their user-friendly interfaces, smooth administrative processes, and the positive feedback they’ve received from sources like G2. Kinsta boasts the highest G2 score among managed hosting providers and web hosting providers, a testament to their steadfast dedication to delivering top-quality services.

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